ReST Editor is an Eclipse plug-in providing support to edit reStructuredText files. It was created by Thomas Calmant and is released under Eclipse Public License 1.0 (license text here).

It was originally created as an internal project of isandlaTech to ease documentation writing. Previous versions descriptions are available on my blog, all new informations are on the SourceForge project page.

reStructuredText is a markup language that can be transformed in various output formats with tools like Sphinx documentation generator, rst2pdf, rst2beamer, ...

Current features are :

  • Grid table formatter : automatically normalizes your grid tables aspect to be ReST compliant. (stable)
  • ReST and Sphinx directives content assistance, with a little sample (stable on Helios, needs internal browser support)
  • Hierarchy modification : you can move sections in the document. (stable)
  • Section markers normalization : use the preferences to normalize all your sections markers in a document. (stable)
  • Source highlighting : to have a visual illustration of what is written. (nearly stable)
  • Line wrapping : hard and soft wrapping are nearly stable
  • Hunspell4Eclipse spell checking support
  • Run configuration : runs the makefile or the make.bat script for the selected output formats

Feel free to contribute to this project ! It currently lacks a visual identity (logos, ...), and needs some improvements in the word wrapping parts :)


Get ReST Editor

ReST Editor is available using the project update site : http://resteditor.sourceforge.net/eclipse .

It is also available on the Eclipse Marketplace