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Packages description

The root package is org.isandlatech.plugins.rst, which contains the two main singletons of the plug-in :

  • BrowserController : a utility class that tries to provide internal browsing support.
  • RestPlugin : the plug-in activator

The sub-packages are :


This package contains the classes needed for the initialization of the source editor :

  • RestDocumentSetupParticipant : called while the document is loaded, it connects the ReST partitioner to it.
  • RestEditor : the text editor itself.
  • RestViewerConfiguration : the class used to set up the editor.

All classes here are used for on-save formatting operations.

  • AbstractFormattingStrategy : basic implementation of a formatting strategy, providing some utility methods.
  • DefaultTextFormattingStrategy : removes trailing spaces on standard text lines.
  • GridTableFormattingStrategy : rewrites grid tables to avoid compilation errors.
  • SectionFormattingStrategy : rewrites section titles to avoid compilation errors.

Soft and hard line wrapping implementation, still in alpha version. See Line wrapping for more information.

  • AbstractBlockDetector : A utility implementation of IBlockDetector
  • AbstractBlockWrappingHandler : A utility implementation of IBlockWrappingHandler
  • BlockInformation : Stores information about a wrapped text block
  • BlockWrappingHandlerStore : Stores and provides instances of IBlockWrappingHandler.
  • DefaultBlockDetector : Standard implementation of the block detector.
  • DefaultBlockWrappingHandler : Standard implementation of the block wrapper.
  • HardLineWrap : Core methods for block/document wrapping
  • HardLineWrapAutoEdit : Auto-edit strategy for the text editor, calling HardLineWrap.
  • IBlockDetector : Description of a block detector
  • IBlockWrappingHandler : Description of a block wrapper
  • LinePositionUpdater : A Position updater that, in fact, updates the offset of watched lines.
  • LineUtil : Some lines utility methods
  • LineWrapUtil : Some line wrapping utility methods
  • ListBlockDetector : Specific ReST list block detector
  • ListBlockWrappingHandler : Specific ReST list block wrapper

Everything useful to show the document hierarchy in the outline view.

  • HierarchyAction : The move ... buttons on the outline view for hierarchy modification.
  • NormalizeSectionsAction : The normalize... button on the outline view, for section titles markers normalization.
  • OutlineUtil : Some utility methods.
  • RefreshOutlineAction : The refresh button on the outline view.
  • RestContentOutlinePage : The outline page itself, managing the tree view content.
  • SectionContentProvider : The tree view content provider. It reads the document to extract its hierarchy.
  • SectionLabelProvider : Indicates how to display the tree view content.
  • TreeData : Data extracted by SectionContentProvider.

Here are some classes that aims to reduce memory consumption by storing equivalent instances of rules and tokens description only once.

  • IThemeConstants : Defines preferences keys used for color customization.
  • RuleProvider : Provides rules for the rule-based scanner
  • TokenProvider : Provides tokens for the rule-based scanner

Defines all rules used for tokens detection by the rule based scanner.

  • AbstractRule : Utility implementation of an IPredicateRule
  • ContiguousRules : Meta-rule, combining two contiguous rules
  • DecoratedLinesRule : Detects decorated lines (section titles)
  • ExactStringRule : Detects the exact given string
  • LinePrefixRule : Detects lines and blocks with the given prefix
  • MarkedCharacterScanner : An ICharacterScanner wrapper, able to reset its position.
  • MarkupRule : Detects markups (in ReST terms : bold marker, ...)
  • RestGridTableRule : Detects ReST grid tables (ASCII art)
  • RestSimpleTableRule : Detects ReST simple tables (not tested)


  • AbstractRuleBasedScanner : Rule based scanner utility implementation
  • ITokenConstants : Tokens constants definition
  • RestLiteralBlockScanner : Scanner for literal blocks
  • RestPartitionScanner : ReST document partitioner (defines partitions)
  • RestScanner : Default text scanner (defines tokens in the default partition)
  • RestSectionBlockScanner : Scanner for sections
  • RestSourceBlockScanner : Scanner for source blocks
  • RestTableBlockScanner : Scanner for ReST tables

Defines common classes for text hovering and content assistance.

  • BasicInternalLinkHandler : internal browser links handler, for hover actions proposal.
  • HelpMessagesUtil : Utility class to format i18n help messages.
  • IAssistanceConstants : Constants for internal browser links definition and treatments.
  • IInternalBrowserListener : Description of an internal browser links handler.
  • InternalBrowserData : Structure used to transmit internal links data
  • InternalBrowserInformationControl : Utility class to let Eclipse use an internal browser for hover dialogs and content assistance.

Defines the content assistance handler.

  • AbstractProposalProcessor : A utility implementation of IContentAssistProcessor
  • DeclarativeProposalProcessor : Content assistant processor for literal blocks.
  • HoverCompletionProposal : A completion proposal implementation providing internal browser link support.
  • ProposalDispatcher : A content assistant dispatcher according to the nearest non-default partition, avoiding a bug on ends of line.

Defines the text hover handler : provides a ReST help in literal blocks and a spell check replacement proposal.

  • RestTextHover : Sets up the text hover dialog, with help and spell proposals
  • SpellingProblemCollector : The collector used to store spelling problems detected by the selected spelling engine in the hovered region.

The internalization package, containing the properties files that define the locale labels.

  • Messages : Utility class to access the localized text.
  • : The en-US version of the localization.

The Sphinx Run configuration package, defining a builder and a run configuration type.

  • IMakefileConstants : Run configuration preferences constants
  • MakefileLauncher : The Makefile launcher, using ProcessBuilder.
  • MakefileTabGroup : The run configuration preference page definition
  • MakefileTabMain : The main tab in the preference page (output selection, ...)

ReST language description package.

  • RestLanguage : Defines all constants used by rules and internal text treatments that describes ReST specific concepts (list markers, markups, ...)
  • SingleWordDetector : A word detector for the Eclipse built-in WordRule. It is used for directives detection.

Preferences handling package

  • EditorPreferenceInitializer : The preferences initializer, setting up the default values to be used.
  • EditorPreferencePage : Definition of the preferences page content.
  • IEditorPreferenceConstants : Definition of the preferences keys and default values.

New project wizard package

  • AbstractWizardPage : An extension of WizardPage, providing utility methods.
  • ConfigGenerator : A Sphinx file generator, based on a template file.
  • IConfigConstants : Project and Sphinx configuration constants.
  • NewSphinxProject : Core of the New Sphinx project wizard.
  • ProjectAdvancedPropertiesPage : Advanced properties page definition.
  • ProjectPropertiesPage : Project properties page definition.