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TODO list

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Task Priority Duration (approx.)
Add a link between ReST Editor and PyDev (doctest coloration, ...) High 4 weeks
Line wrapping improvements Low 2 weeks
Shortcuts Low 2 days
Formatters Low 3 days
Favorite configuration Medium 2 days
Sphinx output Low 3 weeks
Handle other tools Low 2 weeks
Architecture Low 4 weeks


Line wrapping

The current line wrapping implementation must be fixed and completed.

This task will be considered as done when the caret offset will be correctly updated and when operations (addition, deletion) on line bounds will work correctly.

Layout shortcuts

A useful feature would be to handle standard shortcuts (Ctrl+i, Ctrl+b, ...) to insert the corresponding in-line markers around the selected text or the current word.


It would be great to correct the caret offset after modifying section titles and tables, as done in the word wrapping process.

Run configuration

Update the favorite configurations

The Sphinx run configuration is never added to the favorite run configurations. Therefore, the user always have to select its run configuration instead of directly clicking the green arrow to use the last one.

Allow custom Makefile target

By adding a check-box custom and a text field, the user could write his own Makefile rules or use the Sphinx makefile builder with other Makefile projects.

Handle Sphinx output

By handling Sphinx error output, we could annotate documents when an error is encountered while generating the documentation.

Handle other tools

Sphinx is not the only tool to compile ReST documents, therefore we could try to provide support for some of them, like :

  • rst2pdf : a direct PDF generator, that doesn’t need LaTex to work.
  • rst2beamer : generates a LaTex beamer source file, ready to be compiled with LaTex.


A review of the complete architecture is important : the project grown with new informations and lost its initial design. Moreover, many improvements could be done with the knowledge acquired during the development process.