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Set up Sphinx Documentation Generator


Sphinx is the official Python documentation generator, written in Python. The following packages are required to install and run Sphinx :


Sphinx is easily installed using Python setup tools :

easy_install -U sphinx

Under Unix-like systems, this command may be ran with root privileges (or with fakeroot).

Install the ReST Editor plugin


The only thing you need is the Eclipse IDE, in a version >= 3.6 (Eclipse Helios). The plug-in has been developed under Eclipse Helios (3.6), and will be tested on Indigo (3.7).

It seems we have a problem under Fedora 15 with Eclipse Helios, due to the lack of support of XulRunner 2 in Eclipse Helios.

We recommend to use Eclipse for JavaEE Developers distribution, which provides the internal browser support, here.


Via the Eclipse marketplace

ReST Editor is now available on the Eclipse marketplace.

To install it, go to Help> Eclipse Marketplace and search for ReST Editor.

Via the standard plug-in installation

Like other plug-ins :

  • Go to Help> Install new software
  • Add the project update site :
  • Select the ReST Editor plug-in.
  • The Eclipse Color Theme plug-in may not be accessible with default update sites, so you may un-check it if you don’t use this one.